District Heating and Cooling

Cogeneration of Heat & Power Plant & District Heating Network for the City of Serres
(16 MWe – 92MWth)

Thermie Serres

Cogeneration of Heat & Power (CHP)
CHP is a considered a major tool by all energy policy makers worldwide to meet energy efficiency targets and reduce the carbon footprint of all modern economy sectors (primary, secondary and tertiary). It is heavily supported both on EU as well as on Member State level. Modern available and proven technologies when implemented as CHP applications can achieve overall efficiencies in the order of 90% and primary energy savings in the order of 25%.



Thermie Serres CHP & District Heating Plant
The Plant is in operation since 2008. The electrical power produced is fed in the Hellenic transmission system at 150kV, while the cogenerated heat provides space heating and hot water to the buildings of the city of Serres. The delivery of heat  is accomplished by an underground double (supply and return) transmission and distribution network of pre-insulated pipes, and thermal substations installed in the premises of each consumer. Meanwhile, the option of supplying cooling through the same network during the summer months is under assessment.



Respecting the Environment
The design of the CHP Plant and the DH Network in Serres was based on the heat demand of the city. Its highly efficient operation not only ensures that the latter is satisfied, but also contributes in the security of electricity supply for the city and the surrounding area. Moreover, the use of natural gas as a primary fuel and the substitution of individual small diesel oil burners throughout the city results in a major improvement in the air quality (no SO2 neither particle emissions), leading to a direct improvement of the overall quality of living. At the same time, due to the high efficiency of the plant and the decreased carbon footprint of the natural gas as a fuel, a major reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is also achieved.

Project Data

  • Project Construction Budget    42 MIO €
  • Total efficiency                          90 %
  • Fuel                                             Natural Gas
  • Electr. Power Capacity            16MWel
  • Therm. Power Capacity           75MWth
  • Network Length                       >50km
  • Buildings Connected                800 buildings

Major advantages for the consumers from the use of district heating

  • Low heating cost
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • 100 % safe energy supply, 24hours, 365 days
  • Payment after actual use of the energy
  • Neither use nor storage of fuel in or around the consumer premises
  • Odor and noise free operation