Desalination of seawater to potable using Wind power

by «Aeoliki Milou S.A.», member of ITA Group

Desalination unit of present nominal capacity 3.300 m3/day, located at the old “betonitis” mine at “Vouno Triovassalou” on the island of Milos. State-of-the-art seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant designed, constructed and operated by Aeoliki Milou S.A. (subsidiary of ITA Group). The plant produces top quality potable water, in accordance with EU legislation. All the energy required for the plant operation is supplied by a 800kW wind turbine installed and operated by ITA Group.


This unique project consists of:

  • The desalination plant, using reverse osmosis technology, with a capacity of 3.300 m3 / day
  • The four storage tanks of drinking water, with a total capacity of 3.000 m3.
  • A 2.800m long pipeline linking the desalination plant with the storage water tanks
  • An electronic remote monitoring and remote control system (SCADA) of the desalination plant
  • An 850kW wind turbine, installed in the Koutsounarrachi site, at Milos island, in order to support the island’s power grid and thus convert the desalination plant to carbon neutral.


The project covers completely and continuously the increasing demands of the island of Milos in drinking water, even during the summer months when consumption rises sharply due to tourism, providing 24 hours of high quality drinking water at a much lower cost than the transport of water with aquifer ships.

The project contributed not only to the autonomy of the island, but also to substantially improve the life quality of its residents. The project operation meant the complete substitution of drinking water derived from shuttle tankers for ships or from local wells. The technology used for the project is that of reverse osmosis, which requires only electricity and not heat, which will inevitably require the transport of extra fuel to the island.


The combination of the desalination plant with the wind turbine leads to optimal economic and technical results for the island environment and the inhabitants of Milos in the direction of sustainable development.

This Milos Desalination Unit is a completely innovative project, the first in Greece, which could be the starting point for resolving the problem of water scarcity and lack of reliable power access facing all the remote areas today with the best solution for the environment.