ITA was founded in 1988 with a broad scope of interests incorporating the wide and far-reaching experience of its founders and associates. This experience involves various aspects of Engineering, Contracting, Financing and Project Management. In this respect, ITA is working closely with a number of expert associates to cover these fields as well as other specialised requirements as they become necessary. In June 1996 ITA absorbed EUROEN S.A., an engineering company specialising in renewable energy projects. Since then ITA maintains a clear orientation in the energy field as developers, designers, contractors and investors in Greece and abroad.

ITA Group is the sole shareholder of THERMIE SERRON S.A., with has built and still operates the District Heating of the City of Serres in Northern Greece though a high efficiency, natural gas fired, cogeneration of heat and power (CHP) plant.

ITA is involved in the development of CHP plants and district heating systems in Greece using natural gas as their principal fuel.

ITA though its collaboration with the Danish State company for oil and gas DONG A/S has provided consulting services on all aspects of installation and exploitation of Natural Gas to the Greek State gas company DEPA and the State Engineering company ASPROFOS.

Following its long and successful involvement in the development, investment and construction of wind farms, ITA SA continues to develop a dynamic and ever expanding market for wind power in Greece and abroad.

Through its unique and long-term financial and technical expertise, ITA has developed a large number of successful wind power projects spreading the philosophy and pioneering technology of wind turbines and ensuring successful projects on behalf of dynamic investor customers. All this accumulated experience, has nominated ITA as the top Consultant in the Wind Energy business in Greece.

In addition to DONG, ITA also cooperates closely with several international firms operating in the fields of energy and environmental technologies such as:

  • LOGSTOR of Denmark, manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes.
  • DALSEM of Holland, manufacturer of modern glasshouses.
  • MOKVELD of Holland, manufacturer of oil and gas transportation equipment.
  • NETAFIM of Israel, manufacturer of irrigation and water management systems.
  • TECHEM of Germany, Production και distribution of thermal and electricity.